If your chances to pass the exam are zero to none, there are solutions that can help you....

After years of research, we finally came out
with the products unique on the market:


These are sets  that are able to send camera signal (video) over internet, live, directly from the exam (torture) room.               
Recurrently you can receive an live audio voice over mobile phone directly into your ear.
If you use only wireless earpiece set like gsmSpyEar, you still need to whisper the answers to your assistance colleague.
But, if you use one of our infinite 3G camera packs, there is no needed for any talk. Your assistance colleague can see live video and whisper you the correct answers directly into your ear.

And that's it.

Ask yourself if  your assistance can be placed  within 10m in the real situation? Correct answer is no. If  yes - you are magician.

So, what you need in fact is ability to send the signal from pen camera further  away than 10m. The best way do that is sending  the signal to internet immediately. All the try-outs  of sending the signal on some other frequency (e.g. 2.4 ghz covert to 1.2ghz)  resulted with lost of interferences. The recived video signal was unusable.

Still you may have wireless pen camera and 3g internet sender, there are possibility that 2,4 Ghz signal will interfere to 3g transmission, and there will not be any transmitting.
Why s that? The analogue wireless frequency of 2.4GHz is not stable at all and running on nearby channels and causes interferences.

There are pen cameras based on some solutions on the market which offer that solution, but ask the supplier is it really works? Will it be transmittance at all?
So,  we made our infinite 3G packs: pen camera and wrist camera packs taking care to solve all the mentioned problems.

In the end, we deliver detailed instructions how to work with our products and full online/phone support. Is that important? Ask yourself.

What was the challenge in producing those items?

Well, there are lots of wireless pen cameras on the market, but the main problem with most of items is fact that range between the camera and receiver is too short. 10m at least. all the information's like: 100 m range in the line of sight are bullshit. In what classroom can you have 100 m with no obstacles? And even if there are no obstacles, you can only dream about 100m. Why is that? The transmitter in pen camera is low-powered. Output power is 10mw, which is not enough for more than 10m.


What is better for use in real situations, 3G pen or wrist camera pack?

That depends only on you and your judgement of situation. Picture is the almost the same quality on both, in fact on wrist camera a little bit better. And that is not all!


Let`s determine the terms we use here:

Spystudent - the person who uses spystudent equipment to pass the exam

Spypencam - wireless micro camera located in an ordinary pen, with rechargable batery. Life time of battery is up to 1 hour per single charge

Wrist camera: camera bandage on wrist of the Spystudent

3G power belt - state of the art product, able to transfer/stream picture from the spypencam directly over internet, fully battery operated

gsmSpyEar - set for hidden audio communication, consisting of mini earpiece and bluetooth hands free ( bluetooth connection with mobile phone) in fact: wireless hands free.


After we invented it 10 years ago, it became very popular around the globe.

Infinite 3G pen camera pack is ultimate device that will give your assistance opportunity to see your written test live over internet in real-time and whisper you answers through the spy earpiece set.

Infinite 3g wrist camera pack is advanced camera system which can transmit live footage from the position of the holder over phone(gsm) network anywhere around the globe. Holder just needs to put camera close to the test and the footage will be streammed to any remote location.

An ordinary button or a powerfull wireless hidden camera? A Button Cam transfers the footage of your exam paper wirelessly from the examination room to your colleague, who can instantaneously give you the correct answer by using gsmSpyEar®. You can hold it in your hand or use as ordinary button. All the text from your exam is readable up to 150 m away from you. Don't worry, help is on the way...

We can use while writting exam, in business meeting, in a court of law and in almost every occasion when covert type of communication is necessary. You place the mini ear receiver inside your ear, Bluetooth hands free around the neck, connect hands free to the Nokia mobile phone and that`s it. Hands free makes wireless connection with the mini ear receiver inside your ear. In short: gsmSpyEar ® is a Bluetooth wireless hands-free device.


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